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Deportation cases usually begin when an immigrant, legal or not, is detained during a traffic stop, at a work site, or charged with a crime. Removal proceedings are a nightmare for every noncitizen in the United States. As a response to security concerns, the rate of deportations has increased sharply in recent years. USCIS initiates removal proceedings against many types of noncitizens:

  • Aliens who entered the U.S. without going through immigration inspection at the border, whether by physically crossing the border illegally from Canada or Mexico, or using fraudulent documents
  • Aliens attempting to enter the U.S. who USCIS believes should be barred from entry, because they lack a visa, or because their documentation is fraudulent
  • Temporary visa holders who entered the U.S. legally and who stay here after the expiration date on their visas
  • Applicants who apply for permanent residency or political asylum, or naturalization and are denied by the USCIS
  • Green card holders who violate immigration laws, such as committing a crime while in the U.S.
  • Green card holders who live outside of the U.S. for lengthy periods of time and then re-enter the U.S.

If you or someone you know has been detained, we at Murphy & Price, LLP, can apply for his or her release from custody, which may be granted or denied on the basis of several factors.

Whatever the reason for being targeted for removal, you or your loved one will need the services of an experienced, competent, reliable immigration lawyer.

At Murphy & Price, LLP, of Annapolis, Maryland, we have helped many immigrants obtain relief from removal/deportation. Our knowledge of the law and our familiarity with immigration agencies allow us to defend your case in a way that has the highest chance for success.

Our Immigration Law Practice is nationwide, but most of our clients are in Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico and Southern California.

A Successful Track Record In Deportation Defense Cases

After reviewing the reasons cited as the basis for deportation, we can advise you of the strategies or solutions which may be available and file an application for relief.

Our objective is to obtain relief from removal where available, whether by being granted asylum, winning a withholding of removal judgment, relief under CAT, cancellation of removal, stay of deportation, or administrative closure.

If you have been sent a Notice To Appear (NTA) by mail or been handed an NTA in person, your next act should be to call a lawyer you trust to protect you from removal. Many people in removal proceedings make legal mistakes that undermine their case. We will manage your case so that you understand the process at every step, that you appear at hearings and fill out paperwork properly.

If you have been arrested for a crime, we can represent you in court, knowing that conviction can lead directly to your removal. We also help you post bond when possible.

The immigration attorneys at Murphy & Price help individuals and families dealing with removal proceedings. If you have questions about the deportation process, give our removal defense attorneys a call at 410-280-2500, or drop us a line using this online form.

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