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A conviction in a sex crime case results in embarrassment for family, friends and colleagues, the potential for a very long prison sentence and even the loss of ability to earn a living. In Maryland, people convicted of many types of sex crimes also face lifetime registration as a sex offender. If you are under investigation for a sex crime, call the Law Offices of Murphy & Price, LLP, at 410-280-2500 for a free initial consultation before you talk to the police.

At Murphy & Price, LLP, our sex crimes defense lawyers share more than 20 years of combined experience prosecuting and defending people charged with sex crimes, such as:

Experience is paramount in sex offense cases. Allegations are often untrue or exaggerated. Many cases involve alcohol or drugs, and our expert medical witnesses can be helpful in these cases. Conviction often involves long jail or prison sentences as well as lengthy and even lifelong sex offender registration. These are all reasons why it is very important to have experienced counsel.

We have extensive experience handling sex crimes from both a prosecution and a defense point of view. If you are under investigation for a sex crime, one of the most important things you can do is to talk to a lawyer before you talk to police. In almost 70 percent of the cases we have handled, our clients confessed to the sex crime after being confronted by an officer. However, without a confession, the state may be less likely to be able to prove its case.

In addition to the other material we have on the site, experience in defending these cases is especially important since allegations in these cases are often untrue or exaggerated. Many involve the use of alcohol or drugs related to the charges and expert medical witnesses can often be helpful in these cases with whom we are familiar and often worked with on other cases. Conviction in these cases often involves exposure to long jail or prison sentences as well as long periods and even lifetime periods of sex offender registration. It is very important to have experienced counsel in these cases.

Our primary goal in a sex crime case is to look for a winning defense, allowing you to be found not guilty or have charges dismissed. Secondly, we take proactive steps, such as enrolling you in a treatment program that can help minimize consequences if you are found guilty.

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We defend sex offense cases (including prostitution, rape, sexual offenses in the first, second, third and fourth degree, sexual solicitation of a minor and failure to register as a sex offender. We defend these cases statewide but particularly for the following counties: Anne Arundel County with courthouses in Annapolis, Baltimore County with Courthouses in Towson, Catonsville and Owings Mills, Baltimore City, Howard County with courthouse in Ellicott City, Prince Georges County with courthouses in Upper Marlboro and Hyattsville, Montgomery County with courthouses in Rockville and Silver Spring as well as Queen Anne’s County with courthouse in Centreville, Talbot County with courthouse in Easton and Caroline County with courthouse in Denton.

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