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Many people are not represented by a lawyer in Motor Vehicle Administration hearings in and in Anne Arundel County and other Maryland counties. When their pleadings are rejected by MVA administrative law judges, and they realize they have lost their driving privileges, they often wish they had hired a professional to present their case.

You are not summoned to an MVA hearing. They are held at your request, which must be made within certain time limits. If you are charged with DUI, for instance, and you are given a notice of driver’s license suspension by the arresting officer, you must act quickly. If you try to schedule a hearing after 30 days have elapsed, your request will be refused. Your suspension will be automatic, starting 46 days after the day of your arrest. If you wait more than 10 days to request a hearing, you may not be able to drive from the 46th.

Suspensions occur for a variety of reasons:

  • You were arrested for drunk driving.
  • You failed to appear in court for a minor traffic violation.
  • You did not pay a Maryland traffic ticket.
  • You did not pay an out-of-state traffic ticket.
  • You accumulated too many points against your license.
  • You did not pay child support as ordered.
  • You did not pay a civil judgment related to an automobile accident.

Murphy & Price, LLP, employs different defenses of your driving privileges, depending on your situation. We investigate whether the police followed proper procedure in advising you of your rights about taking the Breathalyzer test. Your request to call your attorney may have been ignored. If there was any kind of coercion or improper procedure regarding the test, that is not allowed.

There are many moments in an arrest when illegalities can occur. We work to enforce your rights under these circumstances.

Full Or Partial Restoration Of Driving Privileges

You may be eligible, if not for full restoration of driving privileges, then for partial restoration, with certain restrictions. In any event, you will be much better armed to keep your driving privileges with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer at your side. Murphy & Price, LLP, can be that lawyer for you. We represent DUI and other clients with license suspension issues throughout Maryland, including Annapolis and Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas.

If you have been charged with assault, contact Annapolis MVA hearing attorneys J. Dennis Murphy Jr. or Warren D. Price by phone at 410-280-2500. Or use this online form to describe your situation.

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