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Assault and battery often appear together, but they represent two separate crimes. Assault essentially is an attempt to touch or harm another person without their consent, and battery is the actual unlawful touching of another person. Aggravated assault, or first-degree assault is a more serious form of assault, often involving the use of a weapon or means likely to cause serious bodily injury to another. Simple assault may be charged when actions do not involve use of a weapon or are relatively minor.

Very often individuals find themselves charged with assault or assault and battery when they did not actually intend to harm anyone. Or they may be surprised to learn that deliberately shoving someone, or spitting on them, can constitute assault and/or battery.

At Murphy & Price, LLP, we employ numerous ways to defend assault charges. These include:

Self-defense: If another person assaults you, or you reasonably thought you were about to be assaulted, you have the right to fight back.

Defense of others: If you are trying to prevent harm to others, you probably did not commit a crime.

Consent: If the alleged victim consented to the touching, charges of assault may be successfully defended.

Lack of intent: If the alleged touching was accidental, with no intention of inflicting harm, there may be a defense to the charges.

At Murphy & Price, LLP, of Annapolis, Maryland, we employ other defenses as appropriate, including misidentification or insufficient evidence that an assault or battery took place at all.

Representing Clients In Assault Cases In Maryland And Nationwide

We represent clients in assault cases, domestic assault cases and sexual assault cases. We also have also represented clients accused of other violent crimes, including murder, manslaughter and involuntary homicide.

Our strengths are the depth of our knowledge of criminal law, impeccable investigators drawn from the ranks of retired state and federal officers and agents, and distinguished expert witnesses that are taken seriously in court.

Our lawyers represent clients in State courts throughout Maryland, including Anne Arundel and surrounding Counties, but we have also taken and prevailed in felony assault cases in other states, and in federal and military courts.

If you have been charged with assault, contact assault defense attorneys J. Dennis Murphy Jr. or Warren D. Price by phone at 410-280-2500. Or use our convenient online form to describe your situation.

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