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At Murphy & Price, LLP, our state criminal law practice includes defending many types of cases in the district and circuit courts throughout the state. Often, we are able to identify specific defenses to the charges which require a contested trial.

  • Serious felonies — including homicide, assault, sexual assault and child abuse
  • State drug offenses — including distribution, possession and manufacturing
  • Marijuana crimes — including possession of marijuana, cultivation of marijuana and distribution of marijuana
  • Assault — including issues of self defense, defense of others and lack of intent
  • Sex offenses — including indecent liberties with a child, rape and sexual abuse
  • Child abuse — including physical abuse, neglect and sexual abuse
  • Theft and fraud cases — including shoplifting, robbery, credit card fraud and writing bad checks
  • Drunk driving — including driving under the influence of both alcohol and marijuana
  • Traffic cases — including reckless driving and driving on a suspended license

Crimes Related To Addictive Behavior

As this list shows, we are often asked to handle cases involving addictive behavior, such as cases involving drugs or alcohol and charges alleging child sexual abuse or possession of child pornography. Because we have experienced great success in these areas, they have become important areas of practice for us.

These kinds of cases often involve the opportunity to develop treatment and other sentencing alternatives. Our practice often involves referral of clients to treatment programs and other mental health professionals in an effort to achieve that objective.

Serious Felony Cases

Due to the nature of our criminal defense practice, we are often asked to defend very serious criminal cases in the Circuit Courts throughout the state. These cases often involve medical, psychiatric and scientific evidence and the use of expert witnesses in these fields. Expert witness testimony can involve very complex legal issues with which we have had extensive experience.

Cases involving serious felonies, including the crimes of assault and theft and fraud, often require jury trials which we have also had extensive experience and success with. Treatment for addiction and sentencing alternatives in the event of conviction are a significant part of this practice as well.

Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of sex crime cases being prosecuted in the circuit courts in Maryland. Our experience causes us to believe that this is probably due to an increase in investigative and prosecutorial interest in these cases rather than an increase in the number of offenses being committed.

These cases often involve false accusations of abuse. Criminal defense lawyers experienced in defending these types of cases can often identify patterns of the child’s or parent’s behavior that can expose the false nature of the allegations in those cases. When the allegations are true, there is often a treatment alternative to traditional sentencing practice, which can be developed in dealing with these cases.

Financial Crime And White Collar Crimes

Our practice in recent years has brought more frequent requests for representation for these types of cases. Our experience shows that the types of theft and fraud cases typically prosecuted in state court are often related to the need for the offender to obtain money to fund an addiction. Therefore, in these cases, our practice often includes referral to substance abuse treatment programs to develop an alternative sentencing option for the court where appropriate.

Drug-Related Offenses

Due to the very large number of drug cases prosecuted in state courts, we are often retained to defend drug charges and have significant experience doing so. These cases, including marijuana-related crimes, often involve potential defenses related to the legality of the search which led to the seizure of the drugs in question. An experienced defense attorney can be most helpful in advancing these defenses by way of pretrial motions practice.

These cases most often involve addiction to the type of drugs in question. Our practice often involves the referral of clients to appropriate drug treatment programs in order to give the court an alternative sentencing option in the event of conviction.

Serious Traffic Cases

Due to the serious potential penalties involved, we are often retained to defend serious traffic violations, including drunk driving (DUI) cases, especially those which involve accidents, injuries or prior offenses which significantly increase the potential for serious punishment. Maryland law also provides for significant criminal and administrative penalties for driving without a license, on a suspended license or for driving without auto insurance. Therefore, we are often asked to defend these types of cases in our practice at MVA hearings.

The legality of the traffic stop is often a potential defense in these cases. A criminal defense attorney experienced in litigating search and seizure issues can be very effective in defending these cases. These cases also often involve referral to alcohol education and treatment programs to provide an alternative sentencing option for the court in the event of a guilty finding.

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