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Law enforcement has gotten very good at cracking down on Internet-based sex crimes. Police and federal agents can trace downloads even without emails or conventional proof of origin, then issue a search warrant to examine your hard drive or other storage device for child porn.
This past year over 2,500 people were charged with these offenses nationwide.

In their haste to make arrests, many innocent or unaware persons are being charged. If you have been arrested for committing an online crime, you need legal representation now to match your prosecutor step for step.

Commonly charged online sex offenses include:

  • Downloading child pornography
  • Uploading or producing child pornography
  • Arranging to meet a minor
  • Sexual solicitation of a minor
  • Online harassment
  • Exposing minors to sexual material
  • Unwanted sexting

Federally, computer crimes are prosecuted by the United States attorney general. States prosecute Internet sex crimes through the district attorney’s office in the county where the alleged offense occurred.

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Senior partner J. Dennis Murphy is widely respected for his effective work defending against child pornography and other charges. His reputation for vigorous defense has taken him across the country, defending individuals in and out of the military. He accepts federal cases and cases initiated by individual states.

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