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Budget constraints are one reason federal and state agencies have stepped up asset forfeiture proceedings across the country. Property seized in these proceedings — real estate, currency, jewelry, cars, boats and other valuable assets — are largely kept by the agencies that seize them, and liquidated for cash for use by the government.

Civil and administrative asset forfeiture can occur without a conviction and sometimes requires no evidence of a crime having been committed by you. The wealth that changes hands in such seizures explains the rise in forfeitures better than the idea that seizures deter organized crime. In reality, relatively few victims of these governmentally sanctioned confiscations involve traditional organized crime.

Fighting Federal Asset Seizure

Seizures of property can be fought. At Murphy & Price, LLP, we defend against asset forfeitures primarily when they are included with federal criminal charges, at either the state or federal levels. Forfeiture proceedings can be quite complex, but there are defenses that can be raised, including the innocent owner defense, to combat these often unfair governmental seizures.

If you are being threatened with forfeiture, under investigation, or have been charged with a serious crime, you must move quickly to assert your civil and property rights. Murphy & Price, LLP, is an asset forfeiture defense law firm with a winning record. Our capable and experienced forfeiture defense attorneys can protect you from the seizure and sale of your property.

The Federal Criminal Practice at Murphy & Price, LLP, is nationwide in scope, with particular focus on federal criminal cases in Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, California and Florida.

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