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Embezzlement is misappropriation of the funds that have been entrusted to you. Very often the accused has held an upper-level position such as chief financial officer or controller. Another form of embezzlement is simple employee theft — taking petty cash, cheating on expense accounts, or taking expensive company assets, like cars or computers or mission-critical data, home with you.

Money laundering is taking money that has been obtained illegally and making it appear as if it was obtained legally. It is never a simple matter, and generally requires a series of transactions involving multiple accounts. It is very common in organized crime cases, where cash flow is difficult to explain.

In both crimes, it has become easier for the prosecution to win convictions. Nearly all financial data today leaves a complex paper trail that competent enforcement agencies have no trouble following.

Conviction on either of these charges can result in prison time, forfeiture of property and your ability to earn a living. For all these reasons it is essential to work with an experienced white collar criminal defense firm like Murphy & Price, of Annapolis.

There are workable defenses for these and other white collar crimes. Lawyers Dennis Murphy and Warren Price are experienced in these defenses, and aware of precedents in case law nationwide that may apply exactly to your situation.

Your future is too important to trust to an inexperienced law firm. Always seek defense help with a firm that has been down this road many times, and knows how to make your way safely through it.

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