Drug Manufacturing/Places of Operation

Many times charged alongside drug possession, another federal drug crime is drug manufacturing. This includes manufacturing illegal substances in places of operation such as factories, warehouses, other large buildings, sheds, multiple apartments and other units where drugs are manufactured and then distributed for sale. If you are facing drug manufacturing charges under federal prosecution, it is imperative that you seek knowledgeable and experienced defense counsel immediately. Some of the harshest penalties are under federal drug laws.

Experience Matters In Federal Drug Crime Cases

At Murphy & Price, LLP, our federal crime defense lawyers have more than three decades of combined experience. It is essential to the success of your federal drug crime case that your criminal attorney knows how to navigate the complex federal penal code. With the potential for mandatory minimum sentencing, do not leave the fate of your freedom at the hands of just any law firm.

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Warehouses, Production Labs And Other Places Of Operation

For large-scale drug manufacturing and trafficking operations, the reach of the drug ring crosses state lines and even international borders. These are very serious cases and allegations, as federal prosecutors are not afraid to go for maximum penalties.

Common types of drug manufacturing scenarios include methamphetamine labs, production warehouses, cocaine storage houses and even trailer homes. Sometimes smaller units of operation add up to a larger drug manufacturing ring.

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