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People use checks and credit cards too casually, not realizing how seriously banks and credit card companies take instances of abuse. A conviction of credit card fraud for a sum as small as $500 can be punished by 15 years in prison.

Even if you do not spend time in prison, the conviction will hang around you forever. You may lose your rights to vote or possess a firearm. It will be difficult to find work or a place to live. You will be a felon for life.

You can be charged with credit card and check fraud for a variety of actions:

  • Identity theft: Using personal identification information without authorization
  • Intent to defraud: Using a card you know was stolen
  • Dealing in credit cards: Producing or distributing fraudulent cards
  • Identity assumption: Taking over the victim’s identity for an extended period
  • Spending spree: Maxing out charges on existing accounts
  • Check forgery: Writing checks under another person’s name
  • Check-kiting: Playing “the float”
  • Counterfeiting: Manufacturing checks with intent to defraud

Dennis Murphy and Warren Price have earned national reputations for their effectiveness in computer crime, credit card and check fraud defense. They are thoroughly familiar with the way these cases are handled and prepared, and they work to block evidence and question the investigative process every step of the way.

Our lawyers have helped many people charged with the same offense you now face. They can help you, too.

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