Military Investigation Representation

If you are under investigation by military authorities, you need experienced legal
representation. Military service members have an number of extremely important rights which
must be protected. It is never advisable to speak to military investigators without the assistance
of experienced counsel. The earlier in an investigation that we are contacted, the greater the
assistance we can provide. A person subject to an investigation should never speak to an
investigator prior to speaking to an experienced attorney. In the event that any charges are filed,
our attorneys have extensive experience with defending military criminal cases.

Our firm offers assistance with investigations conducted by the Army Criminal
Investigative Division (Army CID), the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), as well as
the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (Air Force OSI). We also provide assistance to
service members who are subject to investigations under Army Regulation 15-6, as well as
investigations initiated by the Offices of the Inspector General (IG Investigations). There are a
number of other investigations in which potential misconduct is often investigated. The
assistance of an experienced attorney can prove invaluable.

Our attorneys have more than 30 years experience assisting military personnel subject
to investigation. Our experience includes former service as military JAG counsel as well as
civilian counsel in courts martial and administrative separation proceedings. We have extensive
experience assisting clients with a wide variety of investigations, including those involving
suspected sexual assault or misconduct, as well as all types of military and civilian offenses. If
you believe that you may be the subject of a military investigation, we are available to help you
protect your rights and interests. Call the offices of Murphy & Price LLP for immediate

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