Woman Sentenced After Being Convicted of Husband’s Murder

On behalf of Murphy & Price, LLP posted in Felonies on Thursday, November 7, 2013.

A woman has been sentenced to life in prison by a Maryland court after being convicted of the murder of her husband on Nov. 4. Prosecutors say that the woman hired another man to kill her husband at his Towson gas station. The murder was crafted, they say, to look like a robbery attempt. At her trial, the woman testified that her deceased husband verbally, mentally and physically abused her for years. Her attorney put forth the argument that the she planned her husband’s murder in self-defense.

The man who was reportedly hired to kill the woman’s husband is currently serving a life sentence in prison. The woman was sentenced to life in prison plus 40 years without the possibility of parole.

First-degree murder charges are arguably the most serious charges an individual can face. The aspects of co-conspirator liability also come into play here. Co-conspirator liability works on the premise that the person who conspires with, solicits or encourages the other person to commit a crime is as guilty as the person who actually commits the crime. Conspiracy to commit murder is a crime in of itself; if that murder is actually committed, both persons involved are guilty regardless of who actually committed the crime. Here, the woman hired a man to murder her husband. The murder was carried out; therefore, the woman has been deemed guilty of conspiracy and first-degree murder even though she did not actually commit the murder herself.

Criminal liability can be very complicated, especially when combined with serious first-degree murder charges. Any person facing this situation should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney, who may help explain the law behind the charges and see to it that an accused person’s rights are not violated.

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