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When Cases Are Serious, Look To Murphy & Price

Many lawyers handle routine criminal problems. At Murphy & Price, LLP, with main offices in Maryland but serving clients across the U.S., we are called in when matters are especially important.

Federal Criminal State Criminal Military Criminal Immigration

Our firm is known primarily for four legal practice areas: federal criminal defense, state criminal defense, military criminal defense and immigration law. Within each of these areas, we handle cases that other firms often avoid:

  • Criminal cases with a sexual element
  • Federal and State fraud cases
  • Drug possession, distribution and trafficking
  • Charges against members of the military
  • Charges which can lead to deportation and removal

These cases are often extremely serious. Conviction for any of them can negatively affect one's future. If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime, now is the time to get the legal help to defend yourself.

Criminal Defense Attorneys Acknowledged For Excellence

When you hire Murphy & Price, LLP you get more than the attorneys at our firm. You also get the help of our extensive network of skilled, credentialed and respected investigators and experts. In difficult cases, it often comes down to the experience and credibility of these professionals. Juries can see that our investigators are retired federal or state agents, and that our experts are among the most respected in their fields.

Serving clients in federal court, state court, military court
and immigration courts

Prevent Damage To Your Freedom And Good Name

If you are under criminal investigation, or have been charged with a serious crime, now is no time to wait. Work with a criminal defense firm with a winning record, with lawyers ready and able to prevent loss of your freedom and reputation.

Call Murphy & Price at 410-777-8723 to schedule a free initial consultation with our lawyers, or drop our attorneys a line by email explaining your situation.

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